Kerstin Brätsch


*1979 in Hamburg, Germany
Lives in
New York
Works with

Kerstin Brätsch may be one of the most versatile and multi-faceted artists of today – a contemporary artist in the true sense of the word. Yet, at the heart of her practice, you will find the most traditional medium of all: painting.
Frequently, Brätsch works with others and collaborates in various forms. And each time she approaches painting – as a medium, as an artistic practice as well as a theme – from a different angle.

Painting is put to the test to see whether it is fit for the digital age. Brätsch paints after computer-generated designs by fellow artist Adele Röder for their collaboratively founded "company" DAS INSTITUT. She re-imagines painting as a third and hybrid body for KAYA, a project she started with Debo Eilers and Kaya, the teenage daughter of a friend of Eilers. Or she works with artisans to translate her paintings into glass works and to branch out into traditional marbling techniques.

Through all these different approaches Brätsch re-imagines painting as an almost kaleidoscopic practice – scattered, fragmented, and thus truly of today.