Jorge Macchi


*1963 in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Lives in
Buenos Aires
Works with
Painting, sculpture and installation

"For me", Argentinian artist Jorge Macchi says, "the work starts with an image, not an idea."

For an artist, whose work is mainly considered to be conceptually grounded, these are astonishing words. Rather than associating himself with conceptual art, though, Macchi sees his work in relation to surrealism. And indeed, when looking at Macchi's practice, such a comparison seems perfectly apt.

As with surrealism, Macchi's starting point is the everyday and the quotidian – with all its routines, with all its objects. Closely observing the world around him, the artist frequently turns to often-overlooked details or elements, usually taken for granted. He then transforms them into impressive sculptures or vivid room installations: the cordons commonly used at airports to keep people in line suddenly run through an exhibition space; a large cargo container is stuck diagonally in a room. And you wonder how it got there.