Untitled by Jorge Macchi


Jorge Macchi



Watercolour on paper


37 x 49.5 cm


For Jorge Macchi, drawing is an essential part of his wide-ranging practice. Even if the artist often uses drawings and watercolours to sketch out ideas for sculptures and installations, these works are artworks in their own right. Dreamy and strange, yet very intimate, they are often marked by a delicate and subtle humour. They can potentially depict everything from simple wooden tables to balloons filling out the whole of the picture plane to almost cartoonish motifs like two hammers arguing with each other. There is a special air to those drawings – and it is almost impossible to put your finger on it. "An artist", Macchi says, "is someone who is searching for something, even if you don’t know what you are searching for."

Zurich, Swiss Re Next

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