Helmut Federle


*1944 in Solothurn, Switzerland
Lives in
Works with
Painting, photography, drawing and architecture

Helmut Federle is one of the great loners in the last forty years of painting who escapes any major current. In his early 20s, in 1967, he went to Tunis where he had his first exhibition and, among other things, performed as a singer in a nightclub. He later lived in the United States for some time. For some years now, he has felt attracted to East Asian cultures, especially that of Japan. Islam, the United States and Far Eastern philosophy.

For Helmut Federle art is a matter of the utmost existential tension and a spiritual affair: an expression of the individual, a sign of inner unrest, a search for orientation. Federle's abstract, geometric paintings, which he is known for, are intensive and expressive, while also possessing the calm composure of a Zen garden.