Gottfried Honegger


*1917 in Susch, Graubunden, Switzerland
† 2016 in Zurich, Switzerland
Worked with
Painting, paperwork and sculpture

Gottfried Honegger's art practice gained its distinctive focus the moment he read Jacques Monod's Chance and Necessity. Swiss-born Honegger was freshly returned to Europe having spent two years hanging out in New York. Reading the French biologist's seminal treatise on how life is the result of evolutionary chance troubled Honegger's preconceived ideas on the role of the artist. If we understand there to be no intelligent design, Honegger reasoned, then surely art too should turn away from the creative supremacy of the 'lone genius'.

Utilising the rudimentary computer technology of the period, Honegger produced a programme that created geometrically abstract designs. Honegger then replicated these patterns in cardboard flat shapes that he would then attach to a canvas. The work was finished by the application of a heavy wash of monochrome paint to these low-fi reliefs.