P.883 by Gottfried Honegger


Gottfried Honegger



Acryl on canvas


150 x 300 cm


Honegger searched for a mathematical simplicity to his work. P.883 must be one of his starkest paintings. His compositions are formed by painted-over simply shaped reliefs, achieved by the application of cut cardboard shapes to the canvas surface. Here Honegger presents an unrelentingly uniform image. This diptych however, for all it starkness, conjures up deeply moving ideas of infinity. Taken alone, each panel suggests these neatly lined squares could be replicated exponentially. A virus of blank space, devoid of context and narrative, perspective or scale, which logically could be continued forever. Doubled as they are here, it is as if Honegger is beginning to enact this suggestion.

Zurich, Altbau

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