Fiona Tan


*1966 in Pekan Baru, Indonesia
Lives in
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Works with
Photography, film and installation

In her work, Fiona Tan explores the notion of time, memory and identity, and how these categories interlink. The Indonesian-born and Amsterdam-based artist is also interested in the role of photography, film and image archives in shaping our memories and identities, from the personal and intimate up to the collective.

Balancing between documentary and fiction, Tan tackles the grip the past has on the present. For her 2016 feature film History's Future, the artist follows a man who has lost his memory on a journey through Europe. In Nellie (2013), she explores gender roles by portraying the live of Rembrandt's illegitimate daughter, whereas Disorient – her contribution to the Dutch pavilion at the 2009 Venice Biennale – charts Marco Polo's travels to the east and traces the long shadow of orientalism and colonialism.

Tan's hypnotic, mesmerising and slightly melancholic works may create a dense and enigmatic atmosphere, yet they never lack analytical potential.