Vox Populi Switzerland by Fiona Tan


Fiona Tan



254 individually framed colour photographs
Edition 2 of 4 + AP


13 x 18 cm each 8 x 3 m (ca. over all size)


Births, birthdays, friends, families and holidays – almost everybody owns images like the ones Fiona Tan shows for Vox Populi Switzerland (2010). The work is one of a five-part series for which the artist sourced private photographs at a different place for each iteration – be it Norway, Sydney, Tokyo, London or, in this case, Switzerland.

Presented individually framed and hung in groups, the pictures form a local portrait by exhibiting the private life of the individuals inhabiting a specific place. At the same time, Tan raises questions about the way our memories and our identities are shaped: Do we all remember the same things? Or is it photography that makes life look almost the same everywhere?

Zurich, Swiss Re Next

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