Fabrice Gygi


*1965 in Geneva, Switzerland
Lives in
Works with
Sculpture, painting and installation

Fabrice Gygi is one of the most important Swiss artists of his generation. Set against the backdrop of the ultra-radical Geneva squat movement, his life and his art are characterised by the rejection of bourgeois social constructs. Gygi was initially known for his performances, in which he explored the limits of his own body. After training as an engraver, he began to produce an extensive portfolio of engravings and linocut pieces.

From the 1990s onwards, he started to work on sculptural groupings and installations. His main focus in these works was the exploration of the different ways in which individuals are restricted and controlled. With his minimalist artistic vocabulary, borrowed from urban infrastructures and everyday objects, he explodes the original context of his subjects and steers them into exciting ambiguity. Gygi's work always confronts us with questions about civil (dis)obedience and our western ideal of freedom.