Albrecht Schnider


*1958 in Lucerne, Switzerland
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Drawing and painting

Painting is as much the realm of expression and direct action as it is a highly formalised and painstakingly codified matter. Albrecht Schnider's canvases seem to accommodate both – giving room to expression and offering an image of the world, while, at the same time, dealing with painting's very own mechanisms and formal structures.

Schnider's history with painting is a long one, and, over the years, the artist has looked at his medium from almost every possible angle. Starting out in the 1980s, Schnider dedicated his practice to figurative painting. Later, though, he slowly turned towards abstraction, carving out a more and more conceptual and multi-layered approach.

Although his works often seem to bear quick and impulsive brushstrokes, they are mainly made after preliminary sketches. Schnider is known to draw constantly and almost obsessively. However, he transfers only a few of these drawings to canvas. Since 2011, the artist often hands over his sketches to others to have them spray-painted – another step towards his goal of minimising the visible traces of the artist's hand.

Artworks by Albrecht Schnider