Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of Swiss Re Ltd, the holding company of the Swiss Re Group, has the ultimate responsibility for the success of Swiss Re Ltd and the Swiss Re Group within a framework of effective and prudent controls. It is responsible for the overall direction, supervision and control of Swiss Re Ltd and the Swiss Re Group. Under the leadership of the Chairman, it decides on strategy and exercises ultimate supervision over the Group Executive Committee. Please find an overview on the key responsibilities of the Board of Directors here as well as on the allocation of tasks within the Board of Directors here.

The Board of Directors of Swiss Re Ltd, the holding company of the Swiss Re Group, consists of 13 members. All our Board members are independent, meeting our independence criteria.


The Board of Directors secures the necessary qualifications, skills and diversity to perform all required responsibilities. It must assemble among its members the balance of managerial expertise and knowledge from different fields required for the fulfilment of the oversight responsibility as well as for sound, independent decision-making in line with the needs of the business. Membership on the Board of Directors requires experience in key sectors such as insurance and reinsurance, finance, accounting, capital markets, risk management and regulatory matters as well as leadership and decision-making experience in a large, complex financial institution. The board mandate also demands significant commitment, integrity and intercultural communication competence.

Board diversity

The principles of gender and age diversity, inclusion, nationality, race, ethnicity, regional representation, transparency and the avoidance of conflicts of interest play an important role in the nomination process of new potential Board members.

Board culture

The Board of Directors has a unique role in the company oversight. Swiss Re therefore strives to build a strong and effective Board culture, supported by ongoing learning, which is an important component to foster Board effectiveness. The Board members update and enhance their knowledge of emerging business trends and risks through regular meetings with internal and external experts throughout the year. One-to-one educational sessions are offered ad hoc time throughout the year with our top executives and experts.