Places, countries, and cultures are defined by a particular sensitivity that fosters a specific mode of seeing the world. How we perceive what is around us inevitably shapes the way we think. Japan is a country that is marked by its history and traditions. Yet, it is comprehensively globalized. The art concept at our Tokyo office reflects this specific mixture with works by artists who all come from Japan. Most of them may still live here, but their ties go far beyond.

Swiss Re office in Tokyo

Inside the office, you will encounter the lush landscape paintings by Seia Suzuki, the minimal and meditative sculptural forms that Noriko Ambe hand-cuts from paper or Yoriko Takabatake's careful balance of change and control. Many of the works on view share an eye for material sensitivities, a mastery of the techniques involved, and a distinct idea of beauty. They draw their impetus from nature's perfection. And they show deep respect for the environment.