Miles 3 by Noriko Ambe


Noriko Ambe



Cut Yupo (synthetic paper)


79 x 79 x 5 cm


Originally trained in oil painting at Tokyo's Musashino Art University, Noriko Ambe has been working with paper as her primary medium since 1999. Often starting with books, atlases and more recently Yupo (a kind of synthetic paper), Ambe uses a scalpel to excavate tunnels, chasms and undulations into layers of paper to create new topographies. This slow process is one of meditation and focus, and Ambe has commented that the resulting works are "like a map, but [with] no borders and no countries: my own geography, white and minimal."

Instead of using a pencil, Ambe draws with a knife. Miles 3 was made from a roll of paper, transforming this material from a surface to draw on into a sculptural form. Through a process of reduction – of cutting away – she reveals forms that feel as if they were always there: variations hidden beneath a uniform surface.



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