Cities are complex and stunningly intense. Dense global hubs, yet locally highly specific, they are hotbeds for creativity. This rings especially true for a city as culturally and historically manifold as Hong Kong. Marked by its position between different cultures, Hong Kong is a real melting pot.

Swiss Re office in Hong Kong

By taking urban intensity and local complexity as a starting point, the art concept for our Hong Kong office reflects this specific environment. The artworks on view are mostly representational, though they often lean towards the abstract and add a particular twist. Each of them shows an individual perspective, but they all react to the diverse and highly inspirational culture and nature of Hong Kong and the surrounding countryside.

May it be Edward Burtynsky's pictures of man-altered landscapes, the view up into the sky through the towering skyscrapers shot by Leung Chi Wo, or Kitty Chou's photographic seascapes that look like abstract paintings – nature and culture, tradition and innovation here come together in a unique way.