Per square meter. Washing: My Landscape 3-47 by Wang Youshen

2010 – 2014

Wang Youshen



Photograph, colour hand-made photo washed out in water


37 x 200 cm, 37 x 150 cm


Titles of individual works from this series:

These photographs, with their marbled colour and blooming forms, share formal qualities with gestural abstract painting. Through a process of reduction and erasure, photographic prints have been transformed from documents of reality into symbols of the unseen. After printing these photographs, the artist "washed" each one in water and the chemical reactions produced abstractions in the form of blank spots, blooms and unnatural colouration.

Some elements of landscape are still visible, with patches of branches, wheat stalks, fields and flowers dispersed across each scroll-like work. The intervals in between could be read as clouds or constellations, or simply as space for imagination to fill in the blanks. Wang Youshen's works speak of presence and absence, and the tension between what is concealed and revealed.

Hong Kong

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