Rift No. 2 by Xue Jun


Xue Jun



Oil on canvas


98 x 148 cm


Xue Jun’s landscape paintings act on a number of different levels. They are composed of altered characters and calligraphic marks, but they do not tell a single story, nor do they depict a specific location. Xue Jun pays homage to geology and nature, while his calligraphic markings acknowledge the history of landscape representation in Chinese art and culture. Rift No. 1 and Rift No. 2 are aerial views of imagined landscapes with valleys, escarpments and plains. The contour lines also seem to trace the paths of rain, wind and time. The subconscious is often described as the landscape of the mind, and Xue Jun’s paintings evoke this idea too. In these works, nature, history and imagination collide through the imaginative possibilities of landscape.



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