"Anyone who understands the work of art owns it", Sol LeWitt once said. For LeWitt, one of the key protagonists of conceptual art, this first and foremost meant: It is the concept and not so much the actual object, that defines the work of art.

Accordingly, his works, like the large-scale wall drawing you can find in the entrance area of our office in Armonk, can be executed by others. But what about the personal interpretations by those making the actual painting? LeWitt explicitly welcomed those little discrepancies. "Different people", he noted, "make different art".

Swiss Re office in Armonk

You can find a similar emphasis on the conceptual in other works on view throughout the building. A decidedly intellectual approach grounds even the sensual nature photography of Wolfgang Tillmans, Claudio Moser, and Thomas Struth. Others, like Felice Varini's two site-specific works from 2016, trick our perception. Depending on your perspective, you either see a flurry of lines – or a neat arrangement of circles.