About Art at Swiss Re

Widely recognised as a knowledge company and a thought leader, Swiss Re aims to be the leading player in wholesale reinsurance, insurance and risk transfer solutions. Art and architecture present an opportunity to strengthen recognition of our brand, express our values and inspire and motivate our employees and business partners. We appreciate art not only for its economic and branding value but also for its aesthetic and cultural importance to society at large. Over the last 20 years, Art at Swiss Re has emerged as one of the world's leading corporate art collections, reflecting the dynamic, innovative nature of our company.

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Inspiring and opening minds
Swiss Re's business success has always rested on anticipating and managing risk. To stay ahead, we rely on our employees' expertise, commitment and openness. We believe art and architecture foster a strong corporate identity as well as extraordinary individual engagement.

Because art says different things to different people, it can stimulate dialogue and inspire people to see the world from fresh perspectives.

Tailor-made art concepts
Swiss Re's art and architecture set us apart. Our most distinctive feature is "Kunst am Bau", commissioned art projects that reflect our culture, promote dialogue and enhance our buildings' emotional appeal. These commissioned artworks help create a unique and unifying experience for visitors and for employees in Swiss Re offices across the world.

We develop art concepts tailored to specific buildings and concrete workplace situations, always aiming to endorse Swiss Re's unique corporate culture. Our principal motivation in acquiring art is thus concrete inspiration and direct placement rather than collecting for storage.

Art underpins our commitment to offering a stimulating and inspiring work environment. We seek out artworks that suit specific objectives and office situations while pursuing new projects that complement and extend our focus on "Kunst am Bau". Thanks to new workspace branding guidelines, this approach is now embedded in the corporate culture of Swiss Re.