Net-zero emissions: do our best, remove the rest

2019 was an important year in Swiss Re’s sustainability journey. Highlights included the commitments we made to reach net-zero emissions across our company:

This comprehensive set of commitments demonstrates Swiss Re's leadership in corporate climate action. We are dedicated to fully decarbonise our business model in line with climate science and the Paris Agreement.

Our video explains the net-zero concept and the rationale for making this a pivotal part of our Group Sustainability Strategy.

Net-zero emissions: do our best, remove the rest

Net-zero emissions means that any emissions we cannot yet avoid need to be removed from the atmosphere and stored permanently. Going forward, we will increase our efforts to reduce emissions through our underwriting, investments and the way we operate – "do our best".

As part of the 2030 commitment for our operational footprint, we will support the emerging carbon removal industry to deliver negative emissions at scale and on time – "remove the rest". To compensate our remaining operational footprint, we have started to move away from conventional carbon offsets and purchase carbon removal certificates instead. This early engagement increases our risk knowledge and enables us to access the new carbon removal risk pools and asset classes.