Professional underwriting for engineering and construction projects

The global infrastructure and construction market is huge, complex and predicted to further grow substantially. As providers of engineering protection you need a framework to help you evaluate highly heterogeneous and specific engineering project risks and monitor your portfolio performance over the long-term.

PUMA - Professional underwriting for engineering and construction projects

Swiss Re's Project Underwriting Management Application (PUMA) supports engineering underwriters and their companies with a platform navigating you through the experts underwriting process when assessing infrastructure, construction and erection risks.

Framework to assess exposures worldwide

PUMA gives you the power to assess your engineering exposures worldwide and to customize virtually any project configuration across any industry. It provides tailored underwriting advice based on Swiss Re's "Engineering Project Insurance (EPI)" policy wording and includes features for management, reporting, compliance or documentation purposes. Aside to the core rating of Material Damage further optional rating elements to address natural perils as well as a broad range of cover extensions is part of the PUMA rating model.

Consistent steering of your portfolio

Benefit from access to a structured rating and costing approach based upon insights collected from across the industry. PUMA also lets you store, retrieve, copy, access and share your quotes across your company. In addition, you gain from consistent steering of your portfolio and easy exchange of risk information between underwriters in the same organization in different locations.

Access to PUMA

PUMA is a fully digital platform, which is easy to access and can boast with a lean onboarding process. The use of PUMA does not require additional technical installations on the client side and does not come with individual user licenses.

Since the application runs on dedicated cloud environments, securely provided for each client, it requires user's agreement on "the terms of use" before access can be granted.

PUMA features a substantial amount of intellectual property that includes a long history of Swiss Re data, hence the distribution and access to PUMA requires a business agreement between our clients and Swiss Re. To arrange this please approach your dedicated Engineering Underwriter or contact us via this page.

PUMA – helping clients better steer their complex portfolios

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