Portfolio Insights

Helping you meet business targets in a complex risk landscape

Data challenges

To meet business targets, management requires a single, concise view that enables strategic portfolio steering. But aggregating and analysing vast amounts of data in different formats from various sources is complex and cumbersome.

Evolving environment

Risks change over time as the macro environment evolves and companies adapt their strategies and pricing accordingly. Legacy systems can also be a huge challenge in bringing back and front end data together.

A common language for dynamic portfolio analysis

A key challenge insurers' face is bringing back and front end data together. Insufficient focus in overall performance can lead to poor results and inefficient management.

Swiss Re's Portfolio Insights analytics platform provides you with intuitive data representation and analytics power. Our dynamic portfolio analysis and outside-in view on performance that is custom-fit to your specific needs helps you make the most out of every aspect of your P&C business.

Intuitive, visual portfolio analytics to boost portfolio performance

We combine our leading risk expertise with the most advanced technology and data science capabilities to produce intuitive, visual portfolio analytics that help you boost your portfolio performance. We also share the risk to support you in your strategy implementation and optimised capital allocation.


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