Motor Market Analyser – an outside-in view on motor accident risk

Data excellence for portfolio performance and strategic growth

The complexity and level of technology in the area of motor insurance is steadily growing. The abundance of data allows to better navigate and the Motor Market Analyser supports you on this journey.

An outside-in view of motor accident risk to boost portfolio performance

Locality has a fundamental impact on the performance of a motor book and such a critical factor for risk assessment needs to be analysed carefully. Swiss Re's proprietary Motor Market Analyser combines a state-of-the-art predictive tool with vast risk knowledge and data analytics. These tangible business insights can help you grow profitably, benchmark your portfolio's performance and identify suitable portfolio steering measures.

This is not a one-size-fits-all, but tailored to your plans at hand

We combine different data sources to answer questions specific to your portfolio:

  • Swiss Re's predictive model for accident frequency and severity provides a highly granular view of a country's risk landscape and acts as a sound basis to identify risk drivers and business opportunities.
  • We compare this with your portfolio data to understand your book's exposure to geographic accident risk and to benchmark its current performance against its potential performance.
  • Swiss Re motor experts and data analysts use external information like socio-economic data to offer you business insights and a 360° view on the motor insurance markets you target.

Tangible insights to grow and steer your portfolio

The potential of combining Swiss Re's risk predictions with your in-house portfolio data and our cutting-edge analytics is as great as your imagination. Together we can answer questions about the main risk drivers in your motor portfolio, we can benchmark sales point performance, identify growth opportunities within your sales network or maximise cross-selling potential with other lines of businesses, or identify growth opportunities outside your current reach. We support you with actionable insights and advice to help you achieve your strategic goals for your motor business.

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