Swiss Re's modular end-to-end motor telematics solution

Telematics is a major avenue for growth

We expect that by 2020, more than two-thirds of cars sold worldwide will have some form of connectivity. Built-in devices and mobile phones are already collecting vast amounts of real-time telematics data on driving behaviour that opens a multitude of opportunities for usage-based insurance products.

Shift in motor risk modelling

Our research shows that there is already a shift in motor risk modelling and pricing. Insurers that use telemetry data and digitalise their products can gain a competitive edge. Telematics is the first step in transitioning to these new business models.

End-to end personal telematics solution

Whether your focus is growing and improving the profitability of your motor portfolio or acquiring and retaining customers with a telematics-based innovative product, we are here to support you with our comprehensive telematics solution. It is modular, end-to end, and customisable to help meet your changing needs and support you from product design to scoring and analysis. The solutions consists of:

  • The app that is easy to implement and cost efficient as a data collection device - it connects to our telematics platform. It's also device-agnostic if you still decide to develop a hardware-based offering.
  • Our best in class scoring & analytics, which was built by insurance people to support you: meaningful analysis based on your telematics business. Our scoring experts work together with your team to make sure the data you get makes sense in your tariff.
  • Go-to-market support to make sure what you take to market is something your customers care about and fits your business model. From client segmentation and product definition through incentive design to positioning: we work with you to make our jointly developed product successful
  • We care about risk – so we do this in exchange for reinsurance, rather than touching your cash budget.

It's easy if you partner with us

Starting our collaboration is as easy as 1-2-3: 1. you try us in a small pilot; 2. your clients try you in a limited "sandbox" release; 3. you roll out your new product. We can keep it simple at the beginning and make it complicated later if you feel the need.

Contact us today to start tailoring our solution to your needs!

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