Engineering: enabling progress

Engineering projects often push the boundaries of the tried and tested. They entail risks that are hard for the insurance industry to assess, and harder still to underwrite.

Over the coming years, the world needs vastly expanded urban infrastructure for a growing population, clean energy supply and sustainable, new transportation systems. Improved building standards, methods and risk management may reduce incidents. That said, projects will continue to get bigger and more complex. The risks associated with them need to be understood, reduced, mitigated and ultimately insured.

Reliable, competent re/insurance is a key enabler of the infrastructure investment that our world needs so urgently. To close the gap on both fronts, Swiss Re Global Engineering is at the frontier of technology.  As new technologies and exposures evolve, we constantly develop and tailor protection products with our clients.

Swiss Re Global Engineering writes both treaty and facultative reinsurance. Our broad product offering and capital strength enable us to work with our clients beyond standard insurance solutions. We are committed to making the world more resilient by developing innovative protection products for advancing sustainable infrastructure and energy solutions.

PUMA provides our clients with a framework to help them evaluate highly heterogeneous and specific engineering project risks and monitor their portfolio performance over the long-term.





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