Magnum Pure: underwriting automation

Our original, full-service automation solution that doubles as your super power

Magnum Pure helps you do the hard work of simplifying and streamlining complex underwriting processes

And it sets you up for so much more:

  • Faster application processing
  • Improved customer experience
  • Lower operating costs
  • Better reporting and insight into the business you're writing

Best of all, with Magnum, your investment in automation continues to work with you as your business transforms and adapts to new sources of data , product innovation and increased forms of consumer engagement.   

Backed by Life Guide's underwriting expertise

  • A comprehensive rules base firmly rooted in the industry's gold standard for underwriting guidelines
  • Expertise on the latest medical, regulatory and technical developments
  • Risk translated into ratings that help you build a strong portfolio
  • 50+ years of the same medical underwriting expertise we base our own business upon

Easy to customise and get to market quickly

  • Build and customise rules with ease
  • Connect team members across locations and devices
  • Consistent experience no matter the device

Powerful data insights to improve your business

  • Simple and secure access to reporting and analytics on your custom dashboard
  • Built-in standard views plus intuitive drill-down for in-depth analysis
  • Identify potential risk trends and react quickly to market changes

Magnum by the numbers:

  • Used by more than 60 insurers
  • Available in 26 countries and 17 languages.
  • Accessible as point of sale on 1.3 million devices in China
  • Processes more than 12 million applications per year

Magnum helps you make better, faster underwriting decisions and provide a simplified application journey for your customers that will set you apart.

Looking for a lighter, leaner way to automate your business?  Check out Magnum Go, now available in select markets as a simpler, easy-to-install automation solution.  Learn more about Magnum Go.

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