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Performing better today: Improving the health of your policyholders and keeping them insured

Publication The health protection gap in Asia: a modelled exposure of USD 1.8 trillion


Publication ​Life underinsurance in the US: bridging the USD 25 trillion mortality protection gap

Blog Stick to it! How to make better behaviours last.

What are the key drivers of long-term behaviour change in type 2 diabetes patients?

Discover Stick to it! How to make better behaviours last.

​sigma 6/2017: Life in-force management: improving customer experience and long-term profitability

Life insurers are facing many challenges, including low interest rates, a difficult pricing environment and the need to adapt to regulatory changes. More broadly, developments in demographics, medicine and technology will change mortality and morbidity rates in many parts of the world, having a fundamental impact on life insurance business.

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