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About the event

Be Future Ready. Now!

The world around us is changing faster than ever before. But acknowledging the change is not enough. If we want to live up to our ambition to make societies more resilient, we must be prepared for the change. During this year’s Pacific Insurance Conference (PIC) between 19-22 November in Hong Kong, we will explore how we can be future ready. Now! By sharing insights, exchanging ideas and gathering inspirations, we aim to challenge ourselves to respond and prepare for the future.

Developing solutions to address our clients’ needs today, tomorrow, and in the years ahead starts with understanding and meeting the needs of our future customers. At our booth, we will take this conversation offline and present answers to some of the most pressing questions around closing the health protection gaps on new and emerging health risks, how to leverage new technology and underwriting approaches to generate useful insights that can enable us to work together and design a more personalised insurance journey for your end-customer, and many more.

This year, Swiss Re will host three sessions on Monday (18 November). First Russell Higginbotham, CEO Reinsurance Asia Swiss Re will deliver a keynote speech on “Future Ready Now” looking at how new sources of data and underwriting approaches can enable the industry to cover more new and emerging risks and ultimately close more protection gaps. Following the keynote speech, he will also host a panel discussion on “Future Ready Business” with a group of experts. Lawrence Tsui, Chief Pricing Officer of L&H Products will then participate on the panel session "Bridging the Insurance Gap".

As in previous years, we will also have the honour to host the Monday lunch and the not-to-be-missed cocktail party on the same evening.

Following this on Tuesday (19 November) morning, Marianne Gilchrist, Swiss Re’s Head of Globals & South Asia will also host a panel discussion on “Talent and Diversity” with a group of industry experts. And finally, Clarence Wong, Swiss Re's Chief Economist Asia will participate in a panel discussion on "Greater Bay Area (GBA) China Medical Insurance".

We look forward to seeing you soon at PIC!