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Tim Hin Wai Lui Co-Founder Heartisans

Tim Lui has a background in machine learning and bioinformatics. He co-founded Heartisans with the aim of helping heart disease and hypertension patients to improve their heart health.

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He is currently developing the Heartisans Solace, a smartwatch to accurately measure blood pressure and electrocardiogram, at the convenience of the wrist.

Heartisans Solace measures Blood Pressure by measuring Pulse Transit Time. Unlike cuff-based monitors that squeeze the arm, Heartisans Solace will give users complete freedom and comfort to measure blood pressure on the spot, at any moment.

With the accurate heart data captured and machine learning algorithm, Heartisans' smartwatch is aiming to capture coronary events early on, such as myocardia infarction and cardiac arrest.

Tim Hin Wai Lui was a speaker at the "Health monitoring: Making sense of sensors" conference at the Swiss Re Institute's Centre for Global Dialogue