Roger Bremen President Lombardi Engineering

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After his PhD thesis at the Laboratory of hydraulic structures at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology of Lausanne (Switzerland) in 1990, he joined the Lombardi Engineering Ltd. in Minusio. Starting as project manager, soon he became head of the Hydraulic and Dam Division.

During these years he designed and followed the construction supervision of numerous dams, hydroelectric powerplants and hydraulic galleries in Switzerland such as Ferden, Montsavens, Navizence, Serra, Muttsee as well as in foreign countries with projects like Nenskra (Georgia), Cerro del Aguila (Peru), Chespi (Ecuador), Beles (Etiopia), Casecnan (Philipines), Ancipa (Italy), Pueblo Viejo (Guatemala).

In 1999 he entered the Board of Lombardi Engineering Ltd.

In 2007 he was the key figure for the development of the Lombardi in Central and South America, entailing in the following years until today’s establishment of branches in Guatemala, Ecuador, Peru Chile and Argentina.

Next to his roles as expert in various projects and committees, he is presently President and CEO of Lombardi Engineering Ltd. as well as President of the Lombardi Holding which includes all the foreign affiliated companies of the Group. The Group is actually employing approx. 500 Engineers and technicians.