Robert Mann General Manager Corporate Insurance BMW Group

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Robert Mann started his career at HDI VaG (HDI-Global) in 1985 where he became Marine Underwriter in the International Marine Insurance Department of the Munich Branch. At the end of the 1980s he was responsible for the Marine Insurance Account of a large Car Manufacturer.

In 1993 he left HDI having been approached by BMW’s inhouse insurance broker Bavaria Wirtschaftsagentur GmbH. He was Manager Marine Insurance until 2008. During this time, he developed a new international insurance program, defined a new a standard of information transfer to the insurance market to generate a high level of transparency. Under his lead a new claims handling system has been developed and rolled out to handle all claims paperless. In addition, a detailed risk engineering strategy for shipments of cars and especially for storage of cars on compounds all around the world has been developed.

In 2008 Robert became General Manager BMW Group Corporate Insurance. He and his team are responsible for all lines of insurance worldwide. In addition, he is also responsible as insurance consultant for the Chinese JV BMW Brilliance Automotive.