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Rob Wesseling President and CEO The Co-operators Group Limited

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Rob is president and CEO of The Co-operators Group Limited. With a BA in Theoretical Mathematics and an MSc. of Applied Statistics from the University of Guelph, Rob began his career with The Co-operators in 1997. Prior to becoming CEO in 2016, Rob was COO of The Sovereign General Insurance Company (2007-2016) and Executive Vice-president of National Property & Casualty operations across The Co-operators group of companies (2011-2016).

Today, Rob serves on many boards including the International Cooperative and Mutual Insurance Federation, the Canadian Co-operative Investment Fund and is a member of the Insurance Development Forum.  Rob has been instrumental in leading flood resiliency efforts in Canada and engaging all levels of government, the academic community and various industries. To advocate for sustainable, resilient Canadian communities, Rob is a board member of the Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction, a founding director and advisory board member of Partners for Action Network, and a Smart Prosperity Leader.