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Per Fink Head of Research and Chief Physician The Research Clinic for Functional Disorders, Aarhus University Hospital

In 1999, Per Fink started The Research Clinic for Functional Disorders at Aarhus University Hospital; a clinic with an interdisciplinary approach to functional disorders.

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The unit is first and foremost a research unit focusing on research in functional symptoms or medically unexplained symptoms as well as on developing treatment programmes for patients with these symptoms.

A primary focus during the years was primary care, where a treatment programme for primary care doctors was developed. The purpose of the programme was to teach the doctors how to handle patients with functional disorders in general practice. The programme has now been incorporated in the specialist training for primary care doctors.

Another area of special focus is classification, and he has developed research criteria for both Bodily Distress Syndrome and Health Anxiety.

Per Finks has won several awards and honours for his contribution to research within the field of psychosomatic medicine.