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Paul Murray was appointed as Head Life & Health Products effective December 2018.

Paul has 20-plus years of experience in the insurance industry, with 15 of them in reinsurance leadership roles.  Prior to taking the helm of L&H Products, Paul served on the L&H Executive Team most recently as Chief Pricing Officer and Head of the global L&H Products Centre.  

Since joining Swiss Re in 2003, Paul has worked in a range of markets and roles including leading the L&H Products teams in Asia, and the UK, Ireland and Africa.  He has been leading an initiative with the UK government to address the systematic issues relating to the delivery of social care.  Paul is also a frequent speaker at industry conferences around the globe and contributor to media covering life insurance protection topics.

Paul began his career in 1994, progressing through various actuarial roles in Scotland, South Africa and eventually London where he worked for an actuarial consultancy.

In his personal time Paul enjoys participating in endurance challenges events.  He has completed 100km ultra-marathons in Borneo, Hong Kong and Australia among many other competitions. 

Paul was born in 1970 in Scotland.  He is a qualified Fellow of the Faculty of Actuaries and holds a post-graduate diploma in Actuarial Science from Heriot Watt University and a Masters with honors in Mathematics from Glasgow University.

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