Matthew Cuhls CEO ReAssure Group

Matthew Cuhls was appointed as CEO of ReAssure Ltd with effect from January 2013.

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As CEO of Admin Re's® UK life company, Matthew’s primary focus is ensuring that almost 2 million retail customers benefit from ReAssure's products and services and that these are delivered with a high quality of service. He maintains ReAssure's regulatory relationships with both conduct and prudential regulators in the UK.

Matthew has been with ReAssure and its predecessor companies since 2000. He joined Swiss Re through its 2004 acquisition of Life Assurance Holding Corporation. Over that time he has performed a variety of both operational and oversight roles, holding senior management positions in Risk, Internal Audit, Compliance and Project Governance.

Prior to becoming CEO of ReAssure Ltd, Matthew was Chief Risk Officer of the Admin Re® UK group of companies.

Matthew was born in 1974 in the United Kingdom. He qualified as an Accountant and holds Masters Degrees from both Manchester Business School and the University of Oxford.