Lukas Sundermann Senior Product Manager Public Sector Solutions

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Lukas is responsible to deliver risk transfer solutions throughout Europe, Middle East and Africa in his role as Senior Product Manager for Swiss Re's Public Sector Solutions (PSS) team.

With more than seven years of professional experience Lukas has built up his expertise for climate and geo-related perils and collaborates with colleagues across the globe on a day to day basis. Lukas conducts risk assessments for a large variety of Swiss Re's public sector clients, structures insurance schemes and spends time developing novel parametric insurance products. Lately he was responsible to advance innovative solutions based on high-resolution radar satellite imagery, air pollution and urban trees.

Lukas kicked off his career with the publication of a global risk assessment for Swiss Re. He then worked on job assignments for the core model development team, single risk and treaty underwriting divisions, and for some time out of the NYC and Washington DC offices.

Lukas holds a Masters degree in Geology and Neotectonics from the Ludwig-Maximillian-University and the Technical University of Munich, Germany.