Kevin Confetti Deputy Chief Risk Officer University of California

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Kevin Confetti is the Deputy Chief Risk Officer for the University of California in the Office of the President, Office of Risk Services. He is responsible for the UC's Employment Practices, Workers' Compensation, General Liability, Auto, Property, Construction, and Hospital Professional Liability Programs that insures over 200,000 employees across ten campuses, five medical centers, a national laboratory and the Office of the President.

Kevin began his career in insurance and risk management with California Compensation Insurance Company. Other than California, he has experience in risk management and workers' compensation in Hawaii, Oregon, Alaska, Idaho, Ohio and Montana. He also has experience as an auditor and claims consultant with Ernst & Young, LLC.

Kevin joined UC in 2006, but has worked with the University since 2001 where he was the Program Manager for the University’s then TPA, Octagon Risk Services. He has a degree in Rhetoric & Communications from the University of California, Davis and is a certified Self-Insurance Administrator.

Kevin’s experience in multi-state and international claims and loss prevention programs is derived from his work from the employer, TPA, consultant, and insurance company perspective.