Andrew Steele Head of Product Development DNAFit

Andrew Steele is a Head of Product for DNAFit, part of the Prenetics Group, and a recently retired Olympic athlete in Track & Field, who ran the 400m and 4x400m for Great Britain.

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Having competed internationally for 12 years, Andrew was one of the most experienced athletes on Team GB, being part of national teams at European, Commonwealth, World and Olympic level. Shortly after retiring in 2016, Andrew became an Olympic medallist from Beijing 2008 - some 8 years later. Andrew finished 4th in the Beijing 2008 4x400m relay, behind a Russian team who in 2016 were retrospectively disqualified thanks to a back dated doping failure, and finally received his medal in 2017!

As a founding member and Head of Product Development for personal genetics company DNAFit, Andrew specialises in the use of genetic technology for personalisation in fitness and nutrition, providing the personal gateway allow individuals to make better personalised exercise and nutrition choices. In 2018, DNAFit joined the Prenetics Group to expand the companies offering to include the entire spectrum of genetic report, from medical screening and family health to preventative health and wellness.