Making a beeline for disaster?

The annual services pollinators such as insects and bees provided to global crop yield and quality amounted to an estimated USD 351 billion (Lautenbach et al. 2012).

More than three out of four commercially grown plants rely on pollination. However, a recent assessment sponsored by the United Nations states that biodiversity and nature’s contributions to people, which are the bedrock of our food, clean water and energy, are declining rapidly in every region of the world. And a big part of this decline concerns pollinators. The multi-billion dollar agriculture industry is at risk. This is an issue for insurance, which provides the agricultural sector with financial risk mitigation measures.

Swiss Re’s agricultural experts have a worldwide overview of recent market and risk trends and how to manage them. Sharing these insights with farmers,businesses and regulators is at the heart of what we do. This publication is one part of our work in this area. Contact us if you are interested and help us to keep our food supply resilient and our biodiversity alive in the face of the challenges we see.