Focus Topics & Risk Dialogues

We divide our research into six Focus Topics and selected Risk Dialogues to help you navigate our research landscape.

Focus topics

Our focus topics highlight the main areas we focus on in our risk research.

Topic Climate and natural catastrophe risk

Topic Health and longevity

Topic Digital business models and cyber risk

Topic Economic and insurance outlook

Topic Casualty risk

Topic China

Risk Dialogues

We cover specific issues in depth through experts, conferences and research papers based on our current risk focus within our nine topics.

  • Risk Dialogue What is the impact of digital ecosystems for the insurance industry?

  • Risk Dialogue When algorithms can underwrite, who needs insurers?

  • Risk Dialogue Are we really resilient?

  • Risk Dialogue What will have the greatest impact on global re/insurance markets?


Topic Society & Politics

Topic Engineering & Energy

Topic Regulatory & Governmental

Climate risk: how can we be more resilient?

As Earth's warming trend accelerates, the number of communities grappling with the damaging effects of climate change is increasing. The time to act is now.