Mathias Braschler: *1969 in the canton of Aargau, Switzerland

Monika Fischer: *1971 in St. Gallen’s Rhine Valley, Switzerland
Live in
Zurich and New York
Work with

In 2003, Mathias Braschler and Monika Fischer began working closely together as a photography team, producing a portrait project that was published as About Americans (2007), which took the two of them all over the United States. In 2005–06 they worked on the Faces of Football project. With generous support from FIFA, they photographed thirty soccer stars immediately after important games. One year before the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, Braschler and Fischer began a seven-month-long epic journey through China. On their 30,000-kilometer road trip, they shot portraits of Chinese people from diverse social backgrounds throughout an immense nation full of rich contrasts. In 2009, they realized an acclaimed photo series about people who are directly affected by climate change.