Scott Myles


*1975 in Dundee, UK
Lives in
Works with
Sculpture, printmaking, drawing, text, photography, painting and performance

On a formal level, it may seem hard to find the common denominator holding together Scott Myles' extremely varied artistic output. Why? Because Myles is interested in the more abstract structures of communication. How do certain things gain specific meaning? And how do the general modes of exchange or interaction shape our way of living together?

Using the most diverse material from signage to window frames, from stationary and office furniture to other artworks or even everyday actions, Myles often turns found objects or routines of everyday inside out. A good example for this strategy is his seminal early performance work Untitled (Smoking) from 2001. For this piece, Miles paid someone to take "cigarette breaks" in Glasgow’s business district. The breaks turn into actual work.