Sarah Ortmeyer


*1980 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Lives in
Vienna, Austria
Works with
Painting, sculpture, installation and photography

Sarah Ortmeyer's work is both nuts and serious, intellectually challenging as well as visually stunning, refined in its execution and yet emotionally completely raw. Many of the themes in Ortmeyer's work draw from the her keen interest in – and uncanny understanding of – cultural, human, and political interrelations, whether contemporary or historic, highbrow or lowbrow, academic or punk.

Years of working on her non-fiction book about chess and politics have taken her on a world library tour de force and have equipped her with a scientific rigor that is rare among contemporary artists. But rather than taking a purely analytical approach, Ortmeyer marries her scholarly inclinations with an inquisitive and sometimes biting naïveté, allowing her to effortlessly break down the most complex intricacies of the human psyche in what may otherwise seem benign or platitudinous contexts. And in all her ongoing quest to discover deeper universal truths, she never compromises her unapologetic passion for beauty, … and for love.