Philippe Parreno


*1964 in Oran, Algier
Lives in
Works with
Sculpture, video, drawing, installation and text

Philippe Parreno works with experiences and impressions, playing skilfully on our senses. With great precision and technical knowhow, he orchestrates situations that are both striking and ephemeral. Parreno is without a doubt one of the most fascinating artists of his generation. His work is both highly technical and poetic, soulful and impressive, as well as being smart and intellectual, with a high degree of formal precision.

Above all, however, it is often bafflingly ungraspable. This is mainly because Parreno is less interested in making objects or concrete pictures than he is in creating experiences and impressions. And experiences are ephemeral, attached to moments and places, to specific constellations, and to our attention. For Parreno, making art means creating situations in which we can have experiences; it means finding forms for the ungraspable and the fleeting.