Peter Doig


*1959 in Edinburgh, Scotland
Lives in
The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago and Düsseldorf, Germany
Works with

Peter Doig believes a painting becomes interesting when it becomes timeless'. It is perhaps why art critics often describe his work as having dream-like qualities. Like dreams, any sense of place and moment becomes meaningless in Doig's paintings, with scenes concocted from the artist’s imagination.

These have ranged from fictionalised tropical visions of Trinidad, where Doig has lived since 2002, to the darker, murkier, earlier work, such as his 1994 series of paintings of a brutalist apartment block designed by architect Le Corbusier, radically reimaged as being situated in a forest. What unites the practice however, is the way Doig expertly draws from painterly abstraction to establish a feverish sense of anxiety in the work.