Liam Gillick


*1964 in Aylesbury, UK
Lives in
New York
Works with
Architecture, graphics, photography, film, music, drama, sculpture and text

To attempt summary of Liam Gillick's work would be to miss its point. His art is best described as a series of proposals, which scattergun ideas, thoughts and questions, before elegantly moving onto yet another proposition. Even to attempt an exhaustive list of the many different forms Gillick's art has taken would be futile: sculpture, architecture, installations, books, text works, drawings, performances and acting only goes so far as to cover it.

The aim of this restlessness can perhaps be discerned through a series of performances the artist staged in an Irish pub in 2016 however. Members of the public were invited to describe a movie to the audience, without letting on the title. As the vaguely familiar plotlines were half remembered, it became clear that infinitely differing perspectives, and the complexity that invokes, is Gillick's true subject.