Laura Owens


*1970 in Euclid (Ohio), USA
Lives in
Los Angeles
Works with
Painting, drawing, prints and collage

Laura Owens is part of an international group of artists exploring formal principles in contemporary painting through a unique blend of abstract and representational imagery. Combining this with personal narratives, Owens draws on an eclectic range of visual references, including English embroidery, Chinese and Japanese landscape painting, European and American Modernism as well as her own photography.

Her style moves from landscape to abstraction and is characterised by energetic, thick brushstrokes, fanciful childlike doodles, whimsical collages and sophisticated, delicate line drawings. Owens employs a broad spectrum of techniques including watercolour, acrylic or oil, pencil, waterproof ink, glitter, marker, felt, photos, graphite and spray paint.

Artworks by Laura Owens