Jonathan Monk


*1969 in Leicester, UK
Lives in
Works with
Sculpture and mixed media

Using techniques of appropriation – recasting, remaking, remodelling –  Jonathan Monk frequently turns to the work of others.

"Already at art school I realised that being original was almost impossible", says Monk. "So I tried using what was already available as source material for my own work."

In his work, Monk often refers to canonical pieces from minimalism and conceptualism. In appropriating artworks by the likes of David Lamelas, Lawrence Weiner or Bruce Nauman, he alters some details and challenges the idea of originality still so prevalent in much of contemporary art. By remaking those works, Monk comments on the often heavy-handed attitude of the originals with a slight touch of humour. But far from mocking his sources, the artist is interested predominantly in the potential of an idea to take on another form and to be filled with life again. What’s good doesn't turn bad because it has already been done.

Artworks by Jonathan Monk