John M. Armleder


*1948 in Geneva, Switzerland
Lives in
Geneva and New York
Works with
Painting, drawing, sculpture, installation, photography, video and prints

For more than four decades, John M. Armleder has engaged in all forms of visual expression. He is a sculptor, painter, performance- and installation artist, as well as an art critic, publisher and curator. In his eclectic work, he handles themes such as the status of the work of art and the conception of the artist as the original author.

In the 1980s, he attracted attention as a proponent of the so-called "Neo-Geo" style. His work, however, is essentially an expression of his involvement in the Fluxus movement of the early 1960s, and shows a profundity that goes beyond this brief trend. Armleder's scepticism of elaborate structures of meaning and stylistic labeling can be seen, amongst other things, in the fact that he refers to Constructivist criteria as if a breath of Dadaism had swept through the carefully constructed shell.