Heimo Zobernig


*1958 in Vienna, Austria
Lives in
Works with
Painting, sculpture, video and architecture

For Heimo Zobernig, the dividing lines between painting and installation,film, theatre, design and architecture are far from being obstacles; rather, they offer points of departure for a play on roles and expectations. What is this thing we usually call "art"?

Zobernig masterfully juggles various roles, switching from fine to applied art, constantly shifting the boundaries between art, craft, design and architecture, moving with apparent ease between the various media. Pinning him down to any one single thing seems almost impossible.

Zobernig's large-scale architectural elements and his table and shelving objects make it seem as if his oeuvre is focussing on spatial contexts and displays, examining the structures of exhibiting and showing. But then, the artist presents dry abstract painting that is seemingly entirely autonomous. In one moment, it looks like Zobernig seeks to blot out the artist's ego by using serialism and automation, in the next, he suddenly appears naked with an almost exhibitionist obtrusiveness in his videos.