Hans Josephsohn


*1920 in Konigsberg, East Prussia
† 2012 in Zurich, Switzerland
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Head to the Osteria in the Swiss village of Giornico and ask the proprietor for a key. Make your way out of the village and across the river to a concrete bunker nestled in the valley. Inside one will find a number of bronzes by Hans Josephsohn. This strange remote museum, open to the adventurous visitor, was the result of Josephsohn’s sadness when an exhibition inevitably would run its course.

Typical to Josephsohn's wider practice, time and the finitude of life are evoked in the cast busts and wall reliefs of Giornico. His sculpture seems so weathered the viewer might assume them to be ancient. Each head or figure possesses a personality not expressed through facial expression or stance, but by their natural, rough, materiality.